New 2020 Menu Launch
Starting this November, we're launching out new 2020 menu!

In this edition, we've added some new exotic entrées into the current popular Chef’s
entrées and created Daily Specials based upon our unique dishes. At the
same time, we’ve kept the same authentic Asian food on the menu that our
communities have been enjoying over the past twelve years.

We welcome you to enjoy the food through dine-in,
call-ahead, and third-party delivery.

Thank you,
-All staff at Oodles

New 2017 Menu
Starting this October, we'll introduce the new 2017 menu.
In this 2017 edition menu, we'll include some new entrees for the Lunch & Dinner Specials, and
introduce a few new items. In addition, we'll be updating our in-store Gluten-free
and introducing an in-store Seasonal Dinner Menu featuring a dozen new Asian dishes...

So stay tuned and enjoy your dining experience with us at Oodles!

2015 Menu
Starting this April, Oodles is introducing its new 2015 menu. It features the addition of large size
protein options, new dishes, and updated popular Lunch & Dinner Specials.
We are happy to continue serving our customers.

50% OFF ENTREE - Weekday & Weekend Specials (Expired Promo)
Oodles ran weekday specials at the E. Main St. store, and weekend specials at the
Neil Avenue store. When you bought one regular entreè, you would get the 2nd one at 50% off!
Certain restrictions applied. Limited time only.

Not only can you call your order in ahead of time, but aslo you can now have your favorite Oodles dish delivered right to your doorstep! We've partered with Cafe Courier and We Deliver 2 You, and through their websites, you can view our menu and order online! Our Neil Avenue location also does delivery directly from the store! Call 614.222.8821or click for details!

Daily Deals
Oodles has teamed up with WNCI 97.9, Oldies 93.3, 610 WTVN and many others to take part in their
daily deals offers! Listen in to your favorite radio station or visit
see what we're offering!

Taking the place of our previous VIP Card, the FlockTAG card will help you keep track of your meal purchases online or with their easy-to-use app! Using your FlockTAG at either Oodles location, you will get a free entree for every ten you purchase.* Stop in to get your own FlockTAG and you'll
be on your way to a free meal!

Oodles New Carry-Out Containers
Oodles has adopted the use of better-quality and microwave oven-compatible containers for carry-out meals with the purpose of minimizing the use of styrene foam containers. Customers can also bring your own containers for carry-out meals, under which case we offer 5% discount on the meals. Let’s go green one meal at a time!

Let us cater your event! Serving 6-10 people, our reasonably priced party trays are sure to be a hit with any group. All chicken or tofu dishes are priced at $25 a tray. Beef or Shrimp trays may be purchased for $30. Call for details. (Mongolian and Jalapeno Stir-Fry dishes are excluded)

Fall of 2011 - Metro Quarterly Magazine
Oodles ran advertisements in the quarterly magazine "Metro" with coupons. Check back often to see what other discounts we are offering!

9.26.2011 - Oodles New Website

Oodles is updating its website! The website serves as an additional venue for Oodles to serve
and communicate with our customers. In the near future, more information will be available on Oodles' promotions, dishes, cuisines, and customers' comments, etc.

4.10.2011 - Japan Sunami Relief Fund Raising Event
Oodles successfully conducted this charity event with the support of many customers. 50%
of proceeds received from the sales along with all tips, were sent to Red Cross for the Japan
Sunami Relief Fund. We would like to thank all our customers for your donation.
3.21.2011 - Oodles New

Oodles has updated its menu introducing new dishes that many customers have been
anticipating, including Healthy Choices and Chef's Specials. Particularly worth noting is that with the introduction of the "Protein Options" section in the menu, customers now have a lot more options to choose from a total of 167 noodle, dumpling, rice dishes and appetizers of Asian cousins from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, to Vietnamese.

4.2011 - Environmental Friendly Dining Experience
Oodles has eliminated the use of paper-based serving plates to ensure environmental friendly,
healthy and enjoyable dining experience for her customers.

4.9.2009 - Oodles of Networking
Oodles has joined Facebook! If you're aren't sure, Facebook is a very popular social networking website that anyone may join. Click HERE to be directed to our fan page! (Who knows? From time to time, we may offer special discounts to members so check it frequently!)

3.6.2009 - Leaps and Bound

Last night, rennovations to the Oodles website began. We are working quickly to update the site's contents, and plan to provide you with not only useful information, but also coupons and special offers. Check back regularly for updates!

*See store for details